It was not a premiere for the company, for Juan Pablo Bravo Dañobeitía already. While at JÜKE Systemtechnik GmbH students from home and abroad work for several months, it was something very special for the Chilean. The program is also new for Münster University of Applied Sciences. The three-month internship, organized by the International Office and TAFH Münster GmbH, preferably in a company in the region, is now offered annually by University of Applied Sciences. Students of engineering at the Universidad de Santiago de Chile (USACH) will be able to benefit, like the26-year-old student of mechanical engineering. During his stay he made the Münsterland his second home for three months.

Engineer Rainer Gendermann, Head of Development Mechanics at JÜKE, looked after the Chilean and emphasized the excellent cooperation. Juan Dañobeitía was even involved that JÜKE could receive an important order. His conclusion is very positive: “Working together with experienced engineers at eye level – that was absolute new for me.” New was also direct contact with potential clients. “That works because Juan already had a lot of essential engineering knowledge and excellent communication skills in English”, JÜKE CEO Heinrich Jürgens pointed out. He encourages other companies to offer foreign students an internship. “Because that’s an enrichment for all sides.”

Also for the South American. In the end, he not only appreciated the professional life: On the weekends he traveled to Berlin, Dresden, Cologne and Prague. His conclusion: “You can’t live in paradise, but you have to bring paradise home.”

Back home, Juan Dañobeitía is writing his bachelor thesis in Santiago. He has already received job offers. However, he would like to do the master’s in economics and finance. Preferably abroad, “because my experience in Germany helped me to open my eyes”. The only condition is good work like he learned from students at University of Applied Sciences and colleagues at JÜKE. He also realized in Germany that he would like to add another degree in finance after finishing his technology-oriented studies. “Linking my engineering knowledge with business management can help make companies in my country more competitive.”

Picture: The results are positive for all: Juan Pablo Bravo Dañobeitía (l.), JÜKE managing directors Heinrich Jürgens (r.) and Martin Hovestadt (l.) as well as Rainer Gendermann, Head of Development Mechanics. (Photo: FH Münster / Press Office)