We make an innovative contribution to a sustainable future.



 Jüke translates customer requirements into reliable, innovative, technical products with which they can change and shape the future in their market. It is our goal to give customers an advantage in their market with our developments by making the product enthusiastic, economically attractive and state-of-the-art. As a service provider, we rely on close cooperation with our customers, which is characterized by transparency, trust, reliability and communication at eye level. We focus on competent and motivated employees, lean processes and procedures, and modern equipment.


Corporate Philosophy

 With our corporate philosophy we give the shareholders, the management, our business partners and all employees a foundation of trust.
It describes our values ​​and business principles on which we align our actions.

We are an innovative technology company. It is important to us to live a close and trusting relationship with our customers and to lead them to success with our ideas. Our slogan “Ideas in Technology” expresses our self-image. Through long-term cooperation with our customers, we create a solid basis for the economic success of our company.

Independent Company

All our activities are aimed at securing and further strengthening the long-term independence of our company.
We are a medium-sized company and we want to stay that way.

Our shareholders are operationally active in the company. The hierarchies are flat and the decision-making paths are short.


The prerequisites for long-term corporate success are economy and profitability.


Our actions are shaped by respect and appreciation for people and the environment.

We have a high level of personal responsibility towards employees and colleagues. Open cooperation, demanding tasks and
appreciation create a high level of loyalty between the company and employees.

We act responsibly, because our products have an impact on people’s health. That is why we are committed to
the greatest precision, quality and care.


We achieve our corporate goals together.

We lead comprehensibly and consistently and name clear tasks, competencies and responsibilities.
We give and expect open and constructive feedback.

We create a positive and result-oriented working atmosphere and demand independent, responsible action within a defined framework.

The promotion and further development of employees is the basis for sustainable corporate success.


We create attractive working conditions for our employees, provide them with modern and safe workplaces and
enable them to participate in the company’s success.

Qualified and committed employees enable the success of our company.

Regardless of the company hierarchy, all employees are equal to us, whose commitment and
skills we demand and encourage.

Maintaining the health of our employees is important to us.


As a service company, we work on behalf of customers.

We orientate ourselves in our work to customer wishes and requirements.

We keep an eye on the economy, reliability and ease of service of the products.

A long-term and sustainable cooperation is important to us.


For the best solution, we involve tried and tested suppliers and service providers.

We stand for development in association with partners from science and business.

Active involvement in professional associations and networks is a matter of course for us.

Environment and Ecology

We feel a great personal responsibility towards our environment.

When selecting our suppliers, ecological aspects play an important role.

We use renewable energies preferentially and sensibly.

We use available resources effectively and follow ecological aspects.