How to keep track on the whole even with the thousandth part?

As experienced manufacturer in the field of medical technology, we develop and manufacture new mechatronic assemblies as well as medical devices and systems – individually tailored and systematically optimized. For this we work closely with our customers and take care of every detail, whether technical or procedural. On request, we also take care of the entire production and logistics, from prototype through series to end-of-life production. Our certifications according to DIN EN 60601 and DIN EN 13485 ensure JÜKEs high level quality in every detail.

From nuclear medicine to in vitro diagnostics, we know the specific requirements of the medical industry very well. As an OEM and system supplier for mechatronics, we are well known as a responsible partner over the entire lifecycle of the devices by all customers. In many cases we only work on subprojects – but always meet your needs as a high-performance service provider for medical technology:

  • Concept studies

  • Mechanical design

  • Electronic construction

  • Firm and software

  • Development

  • Preparation of product documentation

  • Production Engineering

  • Guidance in registration procedures

We are looking forward to your request.

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