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JÜKE is crisis-proof

JÜKE is among the group of the 300 most crisis-proof companies in Germany in 2023, as revealed by the ranking of the Creditreform rating agency. The ranking is based on an analysis of 3,656 companies located in Germany. For this Creditreform examined both the balance sheet history from 2019 to 2021 and economic information from [...]

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Personnel growth in the first half of 2023

Over the past 30 years, JÜKE has continuously developed on the basis of its own success and recorded impressive corporate growth. By the middle of the year, the company had grown to a good 130 employees. In the first half of the year alone, 10 new colleagues have joined the company. And it looks like [...]

By |2023-07-31T15:00:52+02:0025. July, 2023|

Software Engineering becomes independent department

Firmware and software development will be a separate department at JÜKE from 01.07.2023. Until now, our software experts were combined with the electronics developers. The increasing importance and scope of software, especially in medical technology, has made this step obvious and sensible. Patrick Hölker will be head of the Software Engineering department. The software experts [...]

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Dr. Clemens Schriever is new Head of Engineering

Changes at JÜKE: Dr. Clemens Schriever has taken over as Head of Development at JÜKE as of 01.07.2023. He succeeds Dominik Fockenbrock, who moved to the management board on the same date. Dr. Clemens Schriever holds a PhD in experimental physics and has extensive experience in the fields of biophotonics and optomechanics. He will contribute [...]

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Dominik Fockenbrock appointed as additional Managing Director of JÜKE

JÜKE has grown continuously since it was founded in 1990. Today, a good 130 employees work in development, production, and administration. The two managing directors Heinrich Jürgens and Martin Hovestadt have long been considering the future of the company and the stable transition to succession. An important step towards grounding the future is the appointment [...]

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Lab-on-a-Chip – Technology and Application

Lab-on-a-chip technology has had a significant impact on bioanalytics, enabling the miniaturization of analytical devices and reducing the cost and time required for analysis. These devices integrate multiple laboratory functions onto a single microchip, making them portable and easy to use. Lab-on-a-chip technology has found applications in various areas such as disease diagnosis, drug discovery, [...]

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Electronics development in medical technology

The development of medical electronics requires a deep understanding of both the electronics and the application of medical devices. JÜKE's experienced engineers consider the special requirements of medical devices, such as patient safety, reliability and accuracy. Development requires a good knowledge of actuator and sensor technology, chip technology, and memory modules. Medical devices must comply [...]

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Audits improve the company processes

An audit sustainably improves the company processes and the quality of the products In 2022 alone, JÜKE has passed 17 audits - successfully. This is an indicator of the consistently high quality of the company's processes in QM, development, production, purchasing and logistics. The operational departments at JÜKE are well established. This was the conclusion [...]

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Fluidics and Microfluidics: We create customized solutions

Precise handling of small quantities of liquids has long been a core competence for us in the development and production of customer-specific solutions. Successful examples from JÜKE can be found in many of our customers' applications. Liquid handling is playing an increasingly important role in the fields of medical technology as well as analytics, biotechnology, [...]

By |2023-03-07T10:05:00+01:0010. March, 2023|

Automation in laboratory diagnostics can compensate for shortage of specialists

The shortage of specialists is one of the key challenges facing the healthcare industry. This is the finding of the healthcare report published by the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK), in which around 700 companies participated. The negative trend of the past year is continuing, especially in medical technology. In the [...]

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