Chamber of Crafts President Hans Hund informs himself at JÜKE Systemtechnik about key issues for the craft industry


The visit by Hans Hund, President of the Münster Chamber of Crafts (HWK), at JÜKE Systemtechnik in Altenberge was all about future topics. As a system supplier for precision mechanics and electronics, the company with almost 100 employees is one of the lighthouses in the Münster district in matters of digitalization.


JÜKE CEO Heinrich Jürgens gave a comprehensive insight into the company. Above all, Jürgens emphasized that the complexity of today’s projects and the quality requirements of the customers can only be handled by means of digitalization. It also brings economic benefits because processes are faster and less expensive. “For our customers, we implement complex digitalized automation solutions based on intelligent, independent modules that communicate with each other and coordinate the work steps,” says Jürgens, explaining the second direction of digitalization.


A detailed picture of the services and the products of the company could make HWK President Hund on his tour through the company and was impressed. In particular, the recruitment of new talent: the cooperation with schools and technical colleges and universities plays a major role.


HWK President Hund noted: “Skilled workers and junior staff are two key issues for the craft industry in the region. Companies rely on young professionals and talents. With a view to digitalization, they are once again becoming increasingly important. We will only be able to manage the challenges of ‘Craft 4.0’ with qualified specialists.”


In order to prepare optimally the young people for their later professional life, it is important to keep up with the times. This also includes the fact that the education system is better prepared than before for the digital age. Above all, it is important for the teachers to use the technology that they are teaching about. This gives the trainees a direct experience with the information provided, continues Hund.


JÜKE CEO Heinrich Jürgens added: “The practical application of the learned knowledge and the conversion into products is the consequent next step, which follows on the education in school. This operational task requires a solid understanding of digitalized processes and therefore an excellent preparation in school. Digitalization has changed our workplace – they are becoming increasingly attractive! That’s how we can attract talents and be interesting for professionals. ”

JÜKE is an industry-wide system supplier for precision mechanics and electronics. As a service partner on the side of its customers, its strength lies in the development and production of mechatronic high-tech assemblies and their firmware as well as in system integration. The company focuses on three core industries: medical technology, optical technology as well as analytical, biotechnology and laboratory technology.

Picture: JÜKE CEO Heinrich Jürgens explains the Chamber of Crafts President Hans Hund modern production processes