MdL Mrs. Simone Wendland (CDU) informed herself on Friday, 11.03.2022 at Jüke Systemtechnik about the future trends in medical technology, analysis and laboratory technology as well as photonics. Jüke is a partner for globally operating companies from these industries. In an open discussion, the current war in Ukraine as well as the supply bottlenecks and the associated effects on the economic situation of the industry were discussed. Intensively, the participants of the meeting exchanged their views on the challenges of filling vacancies. Furthermore, Mrs. Wendland was impressed by the scope of apprenticeship at Jüke and especially by the quality, which has been proven several times in the last years by best in class and federal winners. As a result, the politician takes a variety of impressions into her political work.

In the picture from left to right:
Kai Völker (CDU), Steffen Hovestadt (Jüke), Ulrich Krass (CDU), Heinrich Jürgens (Jüke), Simone Wendland (CDU), Benedikt Schulze-Hülshorst (CDU)