JÜKE continues to expand its competence in the field of embedded systems.

On the first glance, they are invisible and hidden behind elegant design or unobtrusive surfaces. They are the central control element for almost every application in medical technology, analytical, bio and laboratory equipment and many other technical solutions from JÜKE. The software embedded in the hardware processes the data in the devices; it controls, monitors and even gets the devices up and running.

The Embedded Systems Engineer plays a special role in the development of such embedded systems, which are among the cross-sectional technologies. He finds ideas and solutions for the translation of requirements into technical solutions and is involved in the development of new software systems to market maturity and production.

“It is difficult to get new software experts. All the more reason for us to be happy to have Patrick Hölker on board as an experienced expert for embedded systems,” say Heinrich Jürgens and Martin Hovestadt, both owners and managing directors of JÜKE Systemtechnik in Altenberge. Especially in rural areas it is not always easy to get the right people. “The focus of development is increasingly on hardware-related software development. We wanted to strengthen our team in order to bring our demanding customer projects to market faster with even more power. We are doing this so well because our engineers combine know-how from many sub-disciplines in the projects, such as hardware development, software technology, knowledge in programming algorithms, they are specialists in electrical engineering, design as well as sensor and actuator technology and measurement and control technology,” says Dominik Fockenbrock, Head of Development at JÜKE, explaining the goal of this measure.

In addition to reduced time-to-market, JÜKE’s customers benefit from comprehensive know-how in embedded systems and from the current state of the art. The range of topics surrounding this segment is growing rapidly. The trend towards digitization is enormous and the requirements for reliable and fast embedded software that has to control many process sequences in the device and perform important routine tasks are constantly increasing.

JÜKE’s range of services extends from the development of real-time systems through hardware-oriented programming to the implementation of complex system integration. The development of hardware and software as well as the underlying software architecture takes into account relevant standards such as IEC 62304, IEC 60601-1 or ISO 13485.

It will probably not be the last investment in the team of well-trained engineers and software experts at JÜKE. The demand for complex technical solutions with integrated systems from medical technology and analysis and laboratory technology continues to rise.