JÜKE optimizes logistics processes.  Two new storage lift systems from Kardex were installed in December 2017 in the assembly area. The erection was completed within 5 days and the integration into the ERP-system took another 10 days. This short timeline demonstrates the excellent preparation and dedicated implementation of this important infrastructure project.

After the very good experience with two systems installed in 2015 in our central warehouse, this investment was a logical consequence. On the one hand, this allows us to meet the growing demand for space, and on the other hand, assembly processes can be accelerated and assemblies or subassemblies can be quickly and traceably stored.

Important is the complete integration of the new warehouse lift systems into our ERP-system. Thus, a storage and removal according to serial numbers and production lots based on the Fifo-principle is possible. For assembly orders, the material withdrawals can be picked very precisely and as needed. The access speed is significantly increased due to indicating the sampling point by laser spot. The transport routes to the assembly workplaces remain very short and the existing areas can be more efficient utilized. Several thousand components and assemblies can be stored in the new warehouse lift system.

The increasing demand of our customers for a higher variety of assemblies can be met faster, better and safer by storing modular subassemblies.

We have recognized that optimal intralogistics processes are a key success factor for cost-effective, high-quality production and significantly increase competitiveness.