With 180 participants the 5th Companies Day Altenberge / Nordwalde of the Volksbank Greven was very well attended. This year’s host was JÜKE Systemtechnik in the industrial area in the east part of Altenberge.


Full order books, decent profits and a Europe in peace characterize the current situation. “Actually, we are fine,” said Volksbank board member Dietmar Dertwinkel on Friday evening at the fifth joint Companies Day. He warned not to sit back and just enjoy. On the list of the 100 largest companies in the world, there are only four German companies placed from position 56. The high speed internet connection in Romania is better than in Germany, so there is a lot of things to do: “The industrial age is over, we have arrived in the digital age.”

Guest speaker René Borbonus called for clarity in communication in his lecture “Knowing what matters and talking about it”. “Before we go into a conversation, we need inner clarity,” said the specialist for professional communication, presentation and rhetoric. Successful communication involves transparency, completeness and reliability. Enemies of clarity are among other things lump sizing and beautifications. “If you want to convince people, first give the reason and then the goal,” the expert continued in his speech. Sometimes clarity is also a matter of order. “It is important to think about communication,” emphasized Borbonus at the end of his presentation. “We do not do that too much.”

Company founder Heinrich Jürgens presented JÜKE as an experienced service provider for development and production in medical, laboratory and analytical technology. During a subsequent tour in small groups through an exhibition in the production and assembly areas, the 180 guests were able to experience firsthand the devices and systems developed and produced at JÜKE. Experts explained the technology and answered many questions from the participants.