Active work at Executive Board of SPECTARIS


At the board meetings of the SPECTARIS Trade Associations on September 13, 2019 in Berlin, Heinrich Jürgens was elected to the executive board of the Trade Association for Analytical and Laboratory Technology. Also elected was Martin Hovestadt to the executive board of the Trade Association for Photonics. Both managing directors of Jüke Systemtechnik GmbH have been committed members of the respective Trade Associations for many years and have intensively accompanied and supported the strategic work. Over the next few years, both will be able to help shape the emphatic positioning of the Trade Associations in strategic issues relating to politics and economic interest groups.

The Trade Associations is the most important forum for the exchange of information between the members on management level. In addition to the formulation of goals and measures, future topics are identified or SPECTARIS projects are presented and accompanied. Current market figures give experts from the industry and from the member companies impulses to current challenges of the industrial enterprises. The Executive Board makes important strategic decisions regarding the work of the Trade Association and makes recommendations to the SPECTARIS Executive Board.